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Magmi is a Magento Mass Importer developed as a magento DATABASE client, (ie not a magento extension) , that operates directly in SQL and is the result of a deep analysis of the Magento Database Model. The first magmi goal was catalog import & update.

it can create products or update an existing catalog and deal with HUGE data (Millions of products could be managed by magmi,but even above a few 1000’s , you’ll see the real difference with dataSlow)

Main Features

  • It provides decent speed compared to Dataflow (depending on server config & number of attributes, 70-100 rows/sec is standard magmi speed).
  • It supports Dataflow export CSVs file & also some enhanced CSV syntax for dealing with custom options import & media gallery import.
  • it works for multistore
  • It supports remote image urls for image related attributes (in this case, speed is affected by image download)
  • It also provides Generic SQL Datasource Plugin that enable getting data to be imported into magento from another legacy database instead of CSV.
  • Can handle configurables (through configurables plugin)
  • Can handle related, upsell & cross-sell (using Relater & upsell/cross-sell plugin)


  • Magmi provides a Web UI for configuration & running, however,it can be called via cli for automation.


  • cannot handle downloable nor bundled product types yet


  • PHP , to be deployed on magento server
  • InnoDB tables compatibilty (using Transactions)


Magento CE up to 1.9.x (unless proven otherwise) Magento Enterprise

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