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What it does

It deletes a product from magento


This plugin uses a new column : magmi:delete

  • put 1 in this colum to remove product from magento

Any other value (empty or 0 or anything but 1) will not delete product.

A simple 2 columns csv could be used with a list of skus to perform deletion.


The following sample will remove items with skus 00001 & 00004


Plugin Combo power

The sample above is already handy, but if you use this plugin combined with Value Replacer , you'll see what can be achieved.

since magmi:delete is a column, it can be set through value replacer (remember value replacer can also create non existing column in addition to replace values in existing ones).

so, if you put in a value replacer config:

  • value to replace : magmi:delete
  • replaced value for magmi:delete :
    {{ (preg_match("/.*000X.*/",{item.sku})==true?1:0) }}

you'll end with deleting all items in the csv (or sql datasource input) that have an sku containing 000X.

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