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Import parameters

Adding new products can be done using the following import modes:

  • Create new items only, skip existing ones
  • Create new items only & update existing ones

Mandatory columns for adding product

Magmi will be able to work with these following mandatory columns in csv & header (but insufficient for Magento to show your products in front end):

  • "store","attribute_set","type","sku","websites"

From 0.7.17:

  • "websites" column becomes OBSOLETE

so , mandatory column list for creating an item becomes:


if no store is set:

  • the store value will be defaulted to "admin"
  • attribute values listed in csv will be the default values
  • item will be added to all existing websites.

Store & websites

Store & websites column can accept multiple values as a comma separated list

for example: "admin,store1,store2".

Store value for "Default values" is admin

Data to put in those columns:

  • store : store view code
  • websites : website code

From 0.7.17:

  • "websites" column becomes OBSOLETE

Select/Multiselect values

Magmi creates, on the fly, new values for custom attributes of type select & multiselect

For Multiselect, multiple values can be set at once using a comma separated list:


...,"H.P. Lovecraft,A. Derleth",...

Here, if authors is a multiselect, both values will be assigned for the current item

Extra Colums, Plugin dependent (non exhaustive)

Some Plugins will manage extra columns, all documented in plugin wiki page.

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