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What it does

The CSV Datasource is the "standard" datasource to use with magmi. It enables magmi to read data from a CSV.

UI Fields


  • CSVs base directory : directory where the csv file(s) you want to use are located (defaults to media/import)

if a relative path is used, then it will be processed as relative to magento directory

  • File to import : CSV Datasource plugin will scan the CSVs base directory for .csv files and will present the list in the combo. Choose the one you want to work with

A download csv link is provided for check purpose , in v1.0.7 this link is a direct link to csv location so, it has to be readable by the web server.

  • CSV Separator : field separator in the csv , defaults to "," (comma)
  • CSV Enclosure : enclosing character for the csv , defaults to '"' (double quote)
  • Headerless CSV : check this when CSV has no column names. the columns will be automatically named col1,.....,colN.

With Headerless CSVs YOU MUST use the Column mapper plugin to give them processable names

  • Malformed CSV : use this when your CSV file has its header line not at top of the file (this may happen when CSV is generated by some uncontrolled source)

Magento Dataflow format

The "default" format supported by magmi is the Dataflow import/export format used by Magento.

Magmi does not support Magento 1.5 new import/export feature "natively" but it is possible to use column mapper plugin to add support for it.

In this Magento Dataflow CSV format, there are 4 kind of columns.

- Product scope columns

  • store
  • websites

- Product nature columns

  • attribute_set
  • type

- Product option columns

  • status
  • all product display info columns
  • all product date related columns (xxxx_date)
  • all product stock options columns

- Attribute columns

  • all columns matching your product attributes code (standard or custom).

Magmi Extensions to Dataflow csv format

Multiple stores/websites per row

  • Magmi enables to put several stores & websites (separated by a comma) in a single product row. this enables multiple assignment.

Multiple rows per sku

  • Magmi also enables same sku to be present on consecutive rows, enabling to assign some attributes with different values to be set for different stores / websites.

Some Magmi plugins added their own column for handling advanced product import

  • tier price plugin : will handle all columns named tier_price:xxxx
  • custom options plugin : will handle all columns with the following pattern <option_name><:x:y>[:z:t] as well as options_container
  • configurables plugin : will handle super_attribute_pricing column as well as options_container
  • image processor plugin : will handle media_gallery column

Magmi and custom CSV formats

Depending on what you want to do (create products or simply updating existing) , magmi can also support totally custom CSVs.

  • subset of Dataflow format
  • totally custom format (however should be mapped to supported csv column names using mappers plugins)

Common operations necessary column sets

Simple stock update

  • sku,qty

Simple price update

  • sku,price

Plugin Automation Parameters

  • CSV:filename : absolute path to csv file to import
  • CSV:enclosure : CSV enclosure
  • CSV:separator : CSV separator
  • CSV:headerline: CSV header line (if not at top)
  • CSV:noheader : headerless CSV file

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