Value Trimmer for select/multiselect

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This plugin automatically trims values (remove blank characters at the end or the beginning of the string) for select/multiselect attributes.

For example:

  • If the plugin is not activated:

for a multiselect attribute "material" the values

 "Viscose,Polyester" and "Viscose, Polyester" 

assigned to two differents products will create in fact 3 values for the attribute "material"

 "Viscose"  "Polyester"  " Polyester"
  • If the plugin is activated:

Magmi will create only two values for the same attribute

 "Viscose"  "Polyester"

and it's mainly what you wanted to do...


  • So this trimming avoids to dupplicate attributes value that Magmi creates on the fly.
  • Except for a particular purpose, it's advisable to always activate it.

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