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Magmi import running script is magmi_run.php and takes the following HTTP Requests parameters:

  • profile : name of the profile to launch
  • mode : create|update|xcreate . import mode to launch import with
  • engine : filename:classname of engine to run.

URL to call

http://<your magmi dir>/web/magmi_run.php?profile=<your_profile_name>&mode=update&engine=magmi_productimportengine:Magmi_ProductImportEngine

Using wget or curl to automate import url call

The Magmi Import Url UI plugin will give you the good curl or wget command line to call the import script with the right parameters.

Advanced usage

You can override any of the "profile" based plugin parameters by passing their value as additional parameters in the URL.

see Overriding profile parameters for more info on this.