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What it does

This plugin is able to associate tier prices to products and customer groups. price importer plugin supports the following features:

  • price per customer group
  • price per quantity
  • relative price assignment from base price

Syntax for price per customer group

Just declare a column per customer group with name “tier_price:name of customer group if you have say group1 & group2 as customer groups & want to set group1 price to 10 & group2 price to 12


Syntax for price per quantity (can be assigned to each customer group or to all)

Declare a column per customer group as above or declare just one column for all like this : "tier_price:_all_". The syntax for quantities is : "qty_threshold1:price1;qty_threshold2:price2;qty_threshold3:price3"

For example:




To clear a tier price, just put a blank information in the column for the corresponding tier price.

Syntax for relative price assignment

Tier price importer supports relative price assignment, using negative % value or positive % value instead of fixed tier price.

IMPORTANT:to use relative price assignment,price column MUST be present in input data.

negative % relative price example


positive % relative price example


Multiple websites

From version 0.0.7 of the plugin,different tier prices can be assigned to different websites

  • Just fill the websites column with the website(s) code(s) (comma separated if several) to set the websites for which the tier prices have to be set
  • All syntaxes above supported (relative price,multiple customer groups)

In the samples below, say we have 2 websites with respective codes ws1 & ws2

multiple websites, all customer groups tier price example


multiple websites, multiple customer groups tier price example with % discount


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