Overriding profile parameters

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Magmi principles on parameters

Magmi import is "profile" oriented.

In the UI you configure a set of plugins and their associated parameters , save this selection & params as a "profile"

a profile can then be called with the profile parameter via automation (either URL based parameter or command line parameter)

Profiles are cool but...

While handy, profile have limitations : if , for example, you want to change the CSV filename of import and keep all other plugins params , you'll need to create a new profile with the new CSV filename.

Parameter overriding to the rescue

Magmi is flexible enough to accept parameter overriding.

So, the profile will serve as "base value" for all parameters but the overriden ones.

How to override

You only have to explicitely set the value of the parameter along with magmi call (magmi_run URL or magmi.cli.php command line)

see Magmi Plugin Parameter index for all plugins parameter index, or on plugin wiki page in the Plugin Automation Parameters section