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What it does

This plugin proceeds, on the fly, to a diferential indexing on two indexes:

  • url_rewrites
  • category_products

For the moment, the prices are not indexed by this plugin.


To see the products appear directly after import on the front, you have to reindex product prices (either by using Magento backend or magmi reindexer plugin)

The nice thing is that the price index is fast to build and you won't need to reindex the 'URL Rewrite' (that takes ages) nor the 'Category Products' index!

If you have many hundred thousands or even millions of products, even reindex product prices will take much time. In this case you should consider inserting values into catalog_product_index_price with an SQL query over catalog prices.

URL Rewriting options

use url endings

in UI : Yes/No (default Yes) plugin parameter name : OTFI:useurlending , accepted values : 0/1

Defines if url keys target pages would have an url ending (by default yes)

url ending

in UI : text value after use url ending combo (default ".html") plugin parameter name : OTFI:urlending , accepted values : any string

The url ending to append to item url_key to make the item full url

use category in url

in UI : Yes/No (default Yes) plugin parameter name : OTFI:usecatinurl , accepted values : 0/1

If Yes, this will generate urls for item for all categories the item can be found in.

Generating URL Rewrites (from plugin version 0.2)

The on the fly indexer is now able to generate url rewrites if the new item url changes from its old one.

To enable this feature , define an url_rewrite column in your csv (you can also use value replacer or default value setter plugin to achieve this out of csv) Set the value to 1 to enable url rewrite generation


Say we have SKU01 which current url is "test-item.html"

If we have url endings set

SKU01,test item,newurlforitem,1

the new url for SKU01 would be "newurlforitem.html" and accessing "test-item.html" would redirect to "newurlforitem.html"

Effects of "useurlending" setting

If you reimport the same exact file, disabling url endings , the new url for item would then be "newurlforitem"

Performance Gains

If, with this plugin, you use the standard indexer plugin with the prices option selected, you will see the last imported products appearing on the frontend of your Magento shop. In time usage, the cost of this plugin will be 1.5% of a normal indexing of the same indexes (url_rewrites, category_products) to do the same thing.

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