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Magmi is verbose

Magmi traces many things for it's execution, and in fact, the running page is mainly a "graphical version" of the content of it's logfile.

All magmi status files are located under [magmi_dir]/state

Magmi Main Logfile (progress.txt)

The logfile for magmi execution through URL or UI is [magmi_dir]/state/progress.txt

it holds all that magmi & its plugins have to say during runtime.

Magmi Hyperverbose problem tracking (trace.txt)

This file is : [magmi_dir]/state/trace.txt

For each encountered error (not warning) , magmi will provide a full trace of all call chain that raised the error as well as complete import engine dump. This file can be several MegaBytes even for a few tens of errors.

Magmi state file (magmistate)

This file contains current magmi state . content might be RUNNING or IDLE

if for wathever reason you find magmi stalled , check the content of this file. if content is RUNNING , you can call the following url in your browser http://<your magmi path>/web/magmi_cancel.php , it will restore magmi state to IDLE and re-enable config page.

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