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Donwloading magmi

  • From the SF project web site, download the main archive file of the project, (for example
  • The magmi zip comes with base plugins, Web UI & cli script for launching product import

Installing magmi

Option 1 (for the common users): Unzip inside magento dir

  • Unzip the archive under your magento root directory , it will create a magmi directory. (server OVH->Setting permissions to 705)

Option 2 (for those who know how to handle a web server): Unzip elswhere on the magento server filesystem

  • Unzip the archive under the path you want in the web server filesystem it will create a magmi directory. (server OVH->Setting permissions to 705)
  • To be able to use magmi, the server should be able to serve content under the magmi directory

Directory permissions / Magmi upgrade

  • For magmi upgrade/upload functions to work (recommended)
    • the whole magmi dirs & subdirs should be writeable by the web server
    • the zip extension should be available in your php version

Magmi Plugin Packages

Magmi install comes with Base Plugin package but another useful packages can be downloaded [here]

  • Extra plugin package , adds useful plugins like image import, tier price ,category creation from name,on the fly indexer, value replacer aso....
  • Utilities package , adds content for Advanced Utilities page, enabling to perform mass update request on magento DB,Clear catalog & eav cleaning.

Installing Plugins

Preferred method

Using the magmi UI , directly upload the zip file of the plugin package or the zip file of the plugin in the "Upload New Plugins" section. See UI Main page organization for further details.

Manual method

Unzip the plugin archive into the plugins-directory of your magmi installation dir.

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