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This plugin is able to associate on the fly grouped products and its simple products corresponding.


In a create mode, for example :

  • put, at first, in the csv file, all the simple products with the necessary columns,
  • after each set of simple products you can insert the grouped corresponding product with the same attribut_set
  • if all attributes necessary to define the different options are well filled, automatically, Magmi will associate the products with this corresponding grouped if one of the following conditions is true :
    • the sku of the grouped is a constant part of the beginning of the simples skus (example: "Producto" for the grouped and "Producto001", "Producto002", etc... for the simples).
    • or you have set to "Yes" the "auto match simples skus before grouped" option of the plugin.
  • if you can't use the ways described above to match grouped and its components, you can use, for the grouped, a column which name is "grouped_skus", filled by the comma separated list of the group component skus to match with.
  • the plugin works also in update mode.

Extra CSV Columns

  • grouped_skus (optional), set it to explicitly list the skus of products that have grouped together on the grouped item line (comma separated list of 'to be grouped' skus)

NOTE: The "type" (type,product_type, etc...) column is required and must be set to "grouped" for the grouped product in order for Magmi to trigger the plugin.

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