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This plugin provides value mapping for CSV values before they are handled by magmi. Typically, visibility and page_layout need to be mapped for MAGMI to process them correctly.

To adjust the mappings to your config, please edit the CSV files located at :


The naming convention of the CSV files is:


For example, if you want to map is_recurring, you have to create a file named is_recurring.csv (utf-8 encoded) in the folder magmi/plugins/itemprocessors/genericmapper/mappings Its content could be:


if the values included in your importation file are coded “Yes” or “No” in the is_recurring column.

Warning: For Magmi version < 0.6.16

  • Don’t create a file status.csv to map the status by this way. It does’nt work like this for this item.
  • The status has to be mapped with the dedicated box “Enabled Status” on the Magmi configuration page.

For example, if you indicate “Activé” in this box (french word for activated), all products with the word “Activé” in the status column of your importation file will be enabled.

For Magmi version >= Magmi 0.6.16 this behaviour changes:

  • no more default enabled status, now use genericmapping plugin, but defaults to “enabled” if no plugin is used.
  • generic mapper now handles status, added “default” mapping subdir that matches english language mapping , continue to put your custom mappings in “mappings” directory.

It will not not be erased nor modified in case of plugin generic mapper upgrade.

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