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This plugin is able to associate on the fly configurable products and its simple products corresponding.



The configurable item processor will be able to use configurable attributes that link configurable to simple products if they have the following flags set:

  • Scope:Global
  • Values Required:yes
  • Use To Create configurable product: yes


In a create mode, for example :

  • put, at first, in the csv file, all the simple products with the necessary columns,
  • after each set of simple products you can insert the configurable corresponding product with the same attribut_set
  • if all attributes necessary to define the different options are well filled, automatically, Magmi will associate the simple products with this corresponding configurable if one of the following conditions is true :
    • the sku of the configurable is a constant part of the beginning of the simples skus (example: "Producto" for the configurable and "Producto001", "Producto002", etc... for the simples).
    • or you have set to "Yes" the "auto match simples skus before configurable" option of the plugin.
  • if you can't use the ways described above to match configurable and simples, you can use, for the configurable, a column which name is "simples_skus", filled by the comma separated list of the simple skus to match with.
  • the plugin works also in update mode.

Extra CSV Columns

  • simples_skus (optional), set it to explicitely list associated simples on the configurable line (comma separated list of associated simples skus)
  • configurable_attributes (optional), set it to specify which attributes are to be used for simples/configurable association , comma separated. The order between the items defines the order on the frontend.
  • options_container (optional) , defines where in the configurable template the single selection is made. defaults to "Block After Product Info"
    • options_container is "localized" value in Dataflow format, please check "Generic Mapper Plugin" to allow correct handling of those localized values

Attribute pricing support

Configurables plugin handles super_attribute_pricing column to set specific price for configurable option values.

This column should be filled on configurable item line


  • Single value syntax
attribute_code::optionvalue1:price for optionvalue1[:0|1 (price is percent)];optionvalue2:price for optionvalue2[:0|1 (price is percent)]
  • Muliple values, same price syntax
attribute_code::optionvalue1//optionvalue2//optionvalueN:price for optionvalues[:is_percent]


  • Set price to 12 for option value L & 15 for option value XL for attribute size
  • Set option price to 10% for option value red & yellow for attribute color
  • set pricing for both attrbutes

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