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What it does

This plugin is able to associate simple products with options on bundle products.


This plugin uses 2 extra columns:

  • bundle_skus associate skus with options.
  • bundle_options specify settings for options (optional).

Non-existing options found in bundle_skus or bundle_options will be created. Existing options will be updated or left alone. You can explicitly delete options by prepending them with a minus in bundle_options.

These Magento-columns might also be of interest:

  • type: The product type must of course be set to bundle.
  • sku_type: Whether the sku will be displayed dynamically (0) or fixed (1).
  • weight_type: Whether the weight will be calculated dynamically (0) or fixed (1).
  • price_type: Whether the price will be calculated dynamically (0) or fixed (1).
  • price_view: How to display the price: "As Low As" (1) or "Price Range" (0)

Format of bundle_skus

Settings per sku (called selection in Magento) are separated by colon. More skus are separated by semicolon.

"Option title in admin store:sku-of-product:[selection_qty]:[selection_can_change_qty]:[position]:[is_default]:[selection_price_value]:[selection_price_type];"

  • Option title in admin store: (string) The title of the option that is set in the admin store. It is used as a kind of code.
  • sku-of-product: (string) The sku of the product to associate with the option. It has to exist.
  • selection_qty: (float) Optional. The default selection quantity. Defaults to 1.
  • selection_can_change_qty: (bool) Optional. Specifies whether the user can change the quantity. Defaults to 1.
  • position: (int) Optional. Position of selection. Defaults to 0.
  • is_default: (bool) Optional. Sepcifies whether the selection is the default selection. Defaults to 0.
  • selection_price_value: (float) Optional. The price of the selection. Applies only when column price_type is set to 1. Defaults to 0.
  • selection_price_type: (int) Optional. Whether the price value is fixed (0) or a percentage (1). Defaults to 0.

Format of bundle_options

Settings per option are separated by colon. More options are separated by semicolon.

You can delete an option by prepending it with a minus "-". You can delete all existing options by specifying an option with the title "-*" (minus followed by asterisk). Deletions are handled before creations, regardles of position. So you may delete and create an option in one step.

"Option title in admin store:[Option title in item store]:[type]:[required]:[position];"

  • Option title in admin store: (string) The title of the option that is set in the admin store. It is used as a kind of code.
  • Option title in item store: (string) Optional. The title of the option that is set in the current store. Defaults to the admin store title.
  • type: (string) Optional. The input type to be used on the option. One of select, radio, checkbox or multi. Defaults to select.
  • required: (bool) Optional. Whether the user must do a selection on the option. Defaults to 1.
  • position: (int) Optional. Position of the option. Defaults to 0.


Minimal version to set one option with two selections.


Full blown version, delete all existing options, create new ones

....,en,"-*;CPU:Central Processing Unit:radio:1:0;RAM:Random Access Memory:SKU:1:1","CPU:sku001:1:0:1:0;CPU:sku002:1:0:0:1;RAM:sku1000;RAM:sku1001;RAM:sku1002",....


In the configuration you may change the defaults used for all optional settings.

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